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I got a lot of reactions to my previous post on X-ray and I have had some interesting suggestions:

If you haven’t read the previous post please do so first.

One advise I got from several people is to actually delete site:linkedin.com in the string but put site:COUNTRYCODE.linkedin.com. That seems a pretty good thought and I set out to do some testing on it. Here are my results:

What does this mean? I don’t know? One conclusion might be that in the original search there are a lot of duplicates or it might mean that the new search eliminates valid hits. I think you need to try for yourself and see if you get enough valid hits. I would of course be very interested in hearing about your finding!

Sacha Otten did some very good work on the string if you work on several countries in the same string. My original string had; (inurl:be.linkedin.com OR inurl:nl.linkedin.com etc). Sacha came up with (inurl:be OR inurl.nl)linkedin.com

I did another test drive and here is what I’ve found

That actually seems to work very nicely and it saves us real estate in the search string. Make sure that you don’t have a space between ) and linkedin.com

Thanks Sacha!

If you have more suggestions or experiences with this search string just let me know!


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Last week I read an old but amusing article about how horrible external recruitment agencies actually were and why on earth did we work with them again? You know; they have no knowledge, are slow or too aggressive, they throw resumes without really interviewing the candidates, send resumes of people that actually aren’t interested, send unsollicited resumes, they lie about the qualities of the candidates and on and on. As corporate recruiter myself last week I got another call from a desperate recruiter who just needed to get a visit or a job to work on. Despite the crisis they still need to make their 50 calls or 10 visits a week even though nobody is even hiring a receptionist. Their job isn’t easy and there we are, corporate recruiters putting salt on the wounds. But….let’s have a look at us corporate recruiters through the eyes of a external recruiter……………..


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