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My recruitment Top 2010

Yes, before you start; I know I’m late with my predictions for 2010 but better late than never right? There are already many out there and some of my predictions will sound familiar and some won’t. So here we go with my predictions or better said my Top 2010

1) Social media will turn from hype into necessity: pretty easy one right as very is talking, blogging and tweeting about it, it’s kind of a self fulfilling prophecy. Personally I don’t think that many recruiters will actively source for candidates on twitter (use the x-ray site:twitter *bio) but it certainly believe it will become much more interesting as a communication channel. Especially with the ease of integrating twitter into Linkedin, Facebook, FB pages, myspace etc it becomes very easy to reach a lot of people with one tweet. So perhaps the focus of corporate twitter won’t be in attracting tons of followers but much more in how many people can you reach through the other networks and how many times are you retweeted. With twitter lists the whole “I’m awesome because I have a gazillion followers” is becoming irrelevant as people can follow you through a list without follow you directly.



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