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With 12 years of recruitment experience on both agency and corporate side I can offer strong recruitment services on a freelance basis. The services are flexible and can be: RECRUITMENT PROCESS AUDIT Make sure that your staffing process is efficient and that your recruiters do what they actually should be doing; sourcing top candidates. In a few session we can change your way of working INTERNET SOURCING TRAINING Show your recruiters this on Google and ask them what it would achieve site:www.linkedin.com intitle:linkedin ("product manager" OR "product marketing" OR product development) online retail "Area, Netherlands"-intitle:answers -intitle:updated -intitle:blog -intitle:directory -inurl:jobs -intitle:groups -intitle:company -inurl:megite.com They get a blank stare in their eyes? Perhaps you should call me. BEHAVIORAL INTERVIEW TRAINING The cost of a bad hire is estimated between 40.000€ and 500.000€. Do you need more reasons to training your managers and recruiters in a proven interview methodology ATS/CRM RECRUITMENT TOOL IMPLEMENTATION Important piece of any professional recruitment organization. Centralize your sourcing strategies, build relationships with strong candidates, keep track of your clients, processes and candidates. FULL CYCLE RECRUITMENT PROCESSES Of course we offer a very flexible solution for your recruitment needs. Whether it be for a period of time, one process in particular or a large scale project we can offer a financially attractive, high quality solution Locations: We support all European countries where remote or on-site. You want a solution, we got it!

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